A single parents part-time business

The Missen kidsLike many new parents, I was finding that my income just wasn’t quite enough to meet the needs of my family. I was dreading the thought of my then wife returning to her previous work and having to leave my children to be cared for by someone else.

When a small booklet about a work from home business opportunity arrived in the mail I read it eagerly and wondered if it just might be the solution I was looking for. I figured I had nothing to lose by finding out more.

The change in my life since then has been incredible. Instead of being stressed about my financial future, I’m excited!

I haven’t done anything that couldn’t be done by anyone else. My mentors guided me step by step and showed me exactly how to set up my business and start earning income immediately. In the first 2 weeks I earned $500.

I’ve enjoyed many overseas trips and some fabulous rewards for simply building a part-time business. A couple of highlights have been a luxury cruise around the Caribbean, a wonderful family holiday on Hayman Island on the Whitsundays and a fully paid holiday to Hawaii with my whole family (including Nanny!). All paid for by my business.

I work part time around my full time job and my 4 young children and other commitments. I have a plan in place to ensure my business will enable me to have exactly the life I want for my kids.

Daryl ~ Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Make up to $500–$1500

By finding our website, YOU have now taken the first move towards changing your life for the better … maybe now is the time to act and make a difference in your lifestyle. This program gives you the ability to work from home, around your current commitments, and achieve the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed about. The secret is working smarter, not harder, and we have the training and support structure in place to help you every step of the way. We have many, many people right around the world who are achieving their dreams.

Over the years we’ve discovered 3 or 4 common traits in the people who build a successful business with our system.

If you …

tick Are a nice person (sounds silly, but there’s no other way to say it)

tick Can remain teachable (Don’t be someone with all the answers and no money)

tick Have good work habits (there are NO ‘get rich schemes’)

tick Have some vision for yourself (Don’t you want this year to be better than last year?)

… then you can build a successful, profitable work from home business using this program … no matter what your background is.

What this business offers.

Imagine a home business system that is virtually foolproof. Now obviously there’s no such thing, but imagine a home business where most of the variables were taken out … a system where there was no question about what to do, when to do it, how to do it etc. If you have a plan that works, then all you have to do is follow the plan.

One of the reasons that a Mc******* franchise is so successful is that they have a PROVEN method of operation. All you have to do is “do it” and it works. Well we have the same thing here … and you don’t need a million dollars to get started. Our program provides a simple, effective plan; a complete set of tools; training/skills development and a strong mentoring program that will help you build a successful work from home business.


Fulltime student turns a hobby business into a career.

In my first month I earned $1200!

Within 6 months I was earning over $3000 per month PART-TIME!!

This literally changed my whole lifestyle. Instead of living in a crowded rented house with 5 other people I was able to move to my own apartment near the beach, buy my first car, and even go on luxury holidays. But most importantly I gave up my nightshift work.

Today I have a 6-figure income. I work around my family and friends from my beautiful home And my income has now reached an incredible $40,000 per month … and it’s still rising.!! A hearty “Thank You” to all the people who have helped me so much.

Marcel & Yanty – New South Wales

Bartender to Millionaire Businessman

Garry DeBrabanderI used to be a bartender for 10 years, and my partner Jenny used to clean houses. We really only started looking for a business opportunity to try and provide something extra for our families.

I didn’t have any skills, but I was a hard worker, and I was prepared to learn from successful people. I earned over $100,000 my very first year and the business has just kept on growing.

To me it’s about lifestyle … I’ve walked the Great Wall of China and the cobblestones of Venice, I’ve eaten the finest seafood on the beaches of the Caribbean, been chased by a wild elephant in Africa, stared face to face with the Mona Lisa, and dined with the “who’s who” in Monte Carlo.

For me the business means that I will never have to worry about my family’s financial future ever again. I receive income from over 40 countries around the world and earn well over $1 million dollars every year.

Garry – Queensland