Bartender to Millionaire Businessman

Garry DeBrabanderI used to be a bartender for 10 years, and my partner Jenny used to clean houses. We really only started looking for a business opportunity to try and provide something extra for our families.

I didn’t have any skills, but I was a hard worker, and I was prepared to learn from successful people. I earned over $100,000 my very first year and the business has just kept on growing.

To me it’s about lifestyle … I’ve walked the Great Wall of China and the cobblestones of Venice, I’ve eaten the finest seafood on the beaches of the Caribbean, been chased by a wild elephant in Africa, stared face to face with the Mona Lisa, and dined with the “who’s who” in Monte Carlo.

For me the business means that I will never have to worry about my family’s financial future ever again. I receive income from over 40 countries around the world and earn well over $1 million dollars every year.

Garry – Queensland